CALMET-Ready WRF/MM5 Data (Global)

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CALMET-Ready WRF/MM5 Met Data (Global)
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CALMET-Ready WRF/MM5 data is generated in the 3D.DAT format which is the format supported by the CALMET model. CALMET is the meteorological preprocessor for the CALPUFF model. The 3D.DAT file consists of three-dimensional data spanning many vertical layers and covering a horizontal grid and domain specified by the client.

The following are the typical data parameters available:

  • Grid Resolution: 1-km (available for CALMET-Ready WRF only), 4-km (recommended for complex terrain sites) and 12-km (recommended for flat terrain sites)
  • Domain Size: 50 x 50 km and 100x100 km
  • Format: CALMET-Ready 3D.DAT file

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